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The CornerJob Team

We strongly believe in teamwork

When people join new teams and encourage each other, great things happen. Our daily mission is to help people find the right job and companies find the right candidates, in the shortest timeframe. We’re accelerating and streamlining the recruitment process thanks to a 100% mobile experience for candidates, and both mobile and desktop experience for companies.

Job search as it should be

Simple, quick, interactive, geolocation-based. That's what we think the job search should be.

As all of you, we've used many job boards, sent thousands of CV and realized that the hiring process was taking forever. We've also seen people and companies dissatisfied with the available platforms.

In 2015, it was the perfect time to disrupt the whole process and make things simpler for everyone.

CornerJob was born to empower candidates and enable recruiters to increase productivity and free up time.

Job seekers can now sign up in less than a minute, apply in one tap and quickly access thousands of job offers. All in one place: their mobile. Recruiters are enabled to recruit anytime, anywhere, on any device. They can post offers within minutes, handle big volumes of candidates and get specific offer-related statistics.

Eurofirms Group

We are part of the Eurofirms Group, the first national HR company with moret han 130 delegations in several countries, and we are committed to the technology applied to process improvement, efficiency and digital transformation.