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1.1. What is CornerJob doing for me?
CornerJob is the app that allows you to find the best job offers around you and get in touch with companies and recruiters who are looking for candidates like you! And guess what? The more you are using the app, the more CornerJob will recommend you offers that suits you.
1.2. What kind of jobs will I find on CornerJob?
There are plenty of opportunities in all the sectors on CornerJob. Sales, catering, administration, construction, industry, tourism... Get ready to apply, you may find a job today!
1.3. How can I look for a job on CornerJob?

You have downloaded the app, signed up in the candidate part, and you want to know what's next?

It's very easy and will only take you one minute! Make sure to complete your profile describing your professional experience and properly configurate your location before applying for job offers. Don't forget to activate push notifications to get notified when your application status changes. Then, you can use filters and the search bar to find exactly what you are looking for. Companies have 24h to preselect you before your application expires. When they do, you will be able to chat with them instantly and maybe get hired. Otherwise, do not become discouraged and try again!

1.4. How should I use the search bar ?
Thanks to the search bar, you can look for a specific job entering any word that you think is relevant for your search. What you are searching for will come up instantly.
1.5. Is it really free?
Yes! Looking for a job on CornerJob is a 100% free. Give it a try !
1.6. How can I know the status of my application ?
Activate the push notifications to get noticed when the status of your application is updated. You also have the possibility to check the status of all your applications in the “my offers” part of the app.
1.7. How can I have more chance to get preselected?

Want a few tips to make your profile better and get 7 times the chance to get preselected? Read our team's recommendations below.

- Complete your profile

Take a few minutes to fill in all the parts of your profile describing your professional experience. Don’t forget to point out any detail that could give you an advantage regarding other candidates (driving licence, charity work, languages…).

- Tell them more about you

When a candidate has the same level of experience as yours, the “about me” part of your profile can be decisive. There is no need to write an autobiography, but there are certainly some things that recruiters would like to know about you. You can talk about your personal qualities (team spirit, organizational skills…), your hobbies (sport, art, travels…) and tell them how motivated and passionate you are.

- Add a picture of you

Last but not least, show recruiters who you are by adding a nice picture of you to your profile. Our advice ? Pick carefully your profile picture. A simple picture of you smiling with a great light and a neutral background will be just great. If you are connected via facebook, remember you can always change your profile picture on the app.

- Check new offers regularly

New job offers are published every day on CornerJob. So stay connected and keep applying to have more chance of getting preselected.

1.8. How can I chat with companies and recruiters?
As soon as you applied to an offer and get preselected, you’ll be able to chat in live directly with the person who is hiring. Ask any question you may have about the job, and the rest is up to you ! If you have problems using the chat, please contact us at support@cornerjob.com
1.9. Do companies answer on week-ends?
Some companies might answer your application on weekends but others might not because they close or just don’t manage applications on their days off. That is why your application is valid during 72h on weekends.
1.10. I don’t see any offers close to me.
Check that you have correctly activated geolocalisation in your device’s parameters and set your location on the app. It is possible that no job offer was published close to you yet. Do not hesitate to tell your friends who manage businesses to publish their offers on CornerJob. The more the merrier! You can also contact us at support@cornerjob.com and tell us in which city you would like to find job offers.
2.1 I can't log in.
Make sure that you have the latest version of the app and try lo loggin again later. If the problem remains, please contact our team at support@cornerjob.com
2.2 Can I upload my CV?
At CornerJob, we believe that direct interaction between companies and job seekers is much more powerful and faster than cover letters and CVs. That is why we do not offer the possibility to upload a CV in the app. Completing your profile on CornerJob allows you to specify all the information needed to catch the eye of the recruiter and make him want to start a chat with you.
2.3 How can I define my localisation?
Make sure that your localisation is activated in your device’s parameters when using CornerJob. To adjust your localisation, go to your profile, click on "Edit" and then on the location part. Go over the map or write the name of your city in the search bar. Once your location is set, click on "Save".
2.4 How can I change my profile picture?
To add or change your profile picture, go to your profile in the app, click on “modify”, then “edit picture” and choose a picture from your gallery or take one with your phone’s camera.
2.5 I forgot my password.
No worries, if you don’t remember your password click on the “I forgot my password” button and you will receive an email that will allow you to reset your password. If you don’t see any email from CornerJob in your mailbox, check your spam list.
2.6 What about my personal data?

Regarding any doubt you may have about the use of the data you are giving us, we would like to inform you that CornerJob does not concede any data to third parties and respects the ORGANIC LAW 15/1999 of 13 December on the Protection of Personal Data.

We want to let you know that at any moment, you can practice your access, rectification, cancelation and opposition rights specified by the ORGANIC LAW and our privacy policy and Legal Terms that you can read here.


2.7 How can I delete my account?
If you want to delete your account, please contact us at support@cornerjob.com and specify the email address you have used to create your account. We will deal with your request within approximately 24h.
2.8 Does CornerJob exist for desktop?
CornerJob is available on iOS and Android mobile devices only. Looking for a job on your smartphone is so much quicker and convenient. Whenever you want, wherever you go, you can apply, check your applications and chat with recruiters any minute.
3.1 Report a job offer or a user.

Don't hesitate to report any job offer that seems inappropriate or fraudulent. You can report it by entering in the offer and clicking on “report” in the lower part of the offer.

If you want to report a problem with a user, you can contact our team at support@cornerjob.com

4.1 Report a technical problem
You are having a technical problem with the app? We are here to help! Do not hesitate to contact our team at support.en@cornerjob.com explaining us what your problem is about.
5.1 Still need help ?
If you have an issue or a question that is not mentioned in the HELP part of the app, please contact our team at support@cornerjob.com and tell us how we can help you.
1.1 How can I post a job offer on CornerJob?
You have downloaded the app, signed up in the company part, and you want to know what's next? It's very easy and will only take you one minute. Create your company's profile and publish your offer in 140 characters. Make sure to configurate your location and activate push notifications. Within minutes, you will start receiving applications. As soon as you receive an application, you have 24h to preselect it before it expires. Ready to hire?
1.2 What type of job offer can I publish?

At CornerJob, we like to have the greatest variety of offers ! However, we always make sure that the offers published on CornerJob respect legal standards. Any offer that does not respect our moderation rules will be blocked.

Moderation rules

1.3 How can I get more visibility for my job offer ?

- Use and HD picture that represents your job offer

A job offer’s picture is just like a book cover. It does not tell everything, but it sure reveals enough for the candidate to know what your job offer is about. What is more, a job offer with a nice picture is always more attractive!

- Indicate your offer’s location

It’s very important for candidates to be able to locate the place where they will be working. So don’t forget to activate geolocalisation on your device and set your location properly. It is always nice to know that the persons you are hiring live close to their workplace. Things are easier, workers are happier, and more productive.

- Writing your job offer

Be concise and tell the candidates what you are looking for: position, type of contract, experience, skills, working hours… Go to the point. Let them know what are the requirements for the position or what qualities matter the most.

1.4 How long will it take until my job offer is live?
Just one second! We publish your offer right away and it’s a question of minute before your start receiving applications. Your job offer was eliminated? Refer to our moderation rules to check if your offer is fulfilling all the conditions or contact our team at support@cornerjob.com
1.5 When will I start receiving applications?
It’s a question of minute before your start receiving applications. If you don’t see any candidate close to your company, contact our team at support@cornerjob.com
1.6 How can I save profiles I am interested in?
CornerJob was created to make communication quicker and easier between employers and employees. For this reason, companies have 24h to select candidates before the application expires. Make sure to select the right candidates in time so you can find again their profile quickly and get the opportunity to chat with them.
1.7 What happens if I don’t answer within 24h?
On CornerJob, applications are valid during 24H to make things quicker. If an application receives no answer during this period of time, it will expire and you can potentially lose the perfect candidate for the job. Candidates are always looking foward to an answer, even if it's a negative one. So if you take just one second to answer their applications, they will have a better image of your company. You are receiving applications on weekends? Don't worry, the countdown stops and applications are valid during 72H.
1.8 How can I chat with candidates?
Once you have preselected candidates, you can immediately start chatting with them and ask them all the questions you may have. If you begin a chat and this ends up not being the profile you were looking for, you can always turn down the job application and close the chat. You think you have found the perfect candidate? Meet anytime and get your new employee to work!
1.9 How can I close an offer?
If you have found the right person for the job or you do not need to hire anymore, always remember to close your job offer so that candidates don’t keep applying for nothing. Closing your offer is very easy. Select the offer you want to close, click on “edit” and then “close the offer”. When you hire somebody through CornerJob, do not hesitate to send us an email at support@cornerjob.com to celebrate! We just love to hear about happy job stories.
1.10 My offer got eliminated, why?
Your job offer do not appear or have been eliminated ? Refer to our moderation rules to see if your offer is fulfilling all the conditions or contact our team at support@cornerjob.com