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CornerJob is the democratisation of job portals. It is the freedom to be able to post the jobs you need at no cost. Find the talent your company needs to keep growing. Join thousands of satisfied customers and register for free.
500,000+ applicantsMore than half a million chances to find the right applicant for your company.
Unlimited and free publication of jobsYou will be able to publish all the jobs you need to fill to complete your team for free.
Automatic matching systemWe have an automatic matching system that will indicate the most suitable applicants based on the criteria of the offer.

Free publication in multi-posting

You will be able to post your jobs on the main portals and aggregators with our multi-posting service. Your jobs will reach further and you will be more likely to find the right profile.
Post your jobs for free

Attract applicants easily

Get more applications and more closely matched to the characteristics of the position offered.

You are in full control

It uses a 100% intuitive environment designed to get the full potential out of CornerJob. All the information you are looking for in just a few clicks. In addition, you will have real-time technical support to resolve any queries you may have.

All the information about the applicants at your fingertips

Filter and pre-select the ideal applicants according to their education and training, experience or distance from the workplace. Discard, short-list or chat directly with them. All on one screen.
All industries where you need to find applicants

Find the ideal profiles for your company by publishing in all the sectors you need.

Contact the applicant

One-click access to email, phone number and CV.

Flash questions

Instant and personalised questions for automatic applicant screening.

By your side, at all times

Real-time customer service to resolve your queries in real time.


Post your jobs massively through the main job aggregators and job portals.

Applicant Scoring Index

System for assessing the suitability of the applicant based on the needs of the job offer.

Take your recruitment to the next level

With CornerJob you will get the applicants you are looking for quickly and easily. Strengthen your workforce and take a step forward.

Our mission is to help people find the job they are looking for and companies find the right applicants in the shortest possible time.

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